Get to know more about Shipping-Container..

Basic specification:

External material: 1.6-2.0mm corrugated metal plate.

Structure component: High-strength low-alloy steel.

Usage: Site office, Temporary office, Storage, Rest room for workers, Toilet Cabins, Labour Quarter, Portable Guard House, Labour Camp, Classroom, Studio, Rest house, Generator set, Hotel rooms, etc.


The unique & toughness of shipping container are very interesting. Container can also be a permanent structure based on the original ISO specifications.

We can customize your container based on your own specifications. We can provide you any grade of container in NEW & USED conditions !

Give us your drawing & specification and we will provide you the best quotation ! Otherwise we can provide free consultation to meet your needs !

Main type:
20FT GP - 20FT(L) x 8FT(W) x 8.5FT(H)
20FT HC - 20FT(L) x 8FT(W) x 9.5FT(H)
40FT GP - 40FT(L) x 8FT(W) x 8.5FT(H)
40FT HC - 40FT(L) x 8FT(W) x 9.5FT(H)

*GP - General Purpose
*HC - High-Cube

Main type of shipping containers:


Benefits of Building with Shipping Containers

There’re many advantages in the bold and innovative thought of container housing. First of all, building with shipping containers save costs. A house built from used shipping containers cost significantly less than a conventional house with the same usage area and space.

Secondly, shipping container construction is eco-friendly. Reusing transport receptacles actually lessens the impact of the use of conventional construction materials like brick, cement, and wood. Building a “green” home also saves considerable energy which is otherwise needed to meld down metal containers when scrapping.

Thirdly, importing countries like USA, which import more than export, are now having some hundreds of thousands of freight containers abandoned in ports and container yards. That’s because it’s not economical to send (re-position) them to other places for loading cargo. So building houses helps to solve the problem of container abandonment in those nations.

Fourthly, container structure is designed to be exposed to heavy loads, harsh climatic conditions, and regular rough handling. Thus, their later use in construction ensures durable projects. Besides, shipping boxes comply with ISO standards, and are easily stacked with many layers (tiers) in transit and storage. That feature makes their use in building multi-storied houses easy and safe.

Fifthly, benefit of container houses also results from their structural strength: they are ideal for harsh conditions and on difficult sites. They can make perfect shipping container homes in areas with the high risk of hurricanes and earthquakes thanks to the fact that modular elements are welded together.

Lastly, you can build houses from modular and sturdy units in relative short time, in comparison with construction of regular dwellings.