• Unique wooden design made from cement board.

  • Popular selection for homestay, & garden homes.

  • Last long & easy maintenance due to cement board characteristic.

  • Cabin looks more versatile and much cooler environment.

  • Cabin is using steel structure framing.

  • Pest proof, weather proof, fire proof.

A wood plank cabin house is a type of residential dwelling that is constructed primarily from wooden planks or logs. These structures have a rustic charm and are often associated with traditional architecture. Here are some more details about woodplank cabin houses:

  1. Construction: Woodplank cabins are usually constructed using cement board wooden planks that are stacked and interlocked with one another to create a sturdy structure. Some cabins may also have a frame structure with wood plank siding.

  2. Design: Wood plank cabin houses come in many different designs, ranging from simple and rustic to more elaborate and modern. Many cabins have a sloping roof, and some have a porch or deck that extends out from the main living area.

  3. Location: Wood plank cabin houses are often located in rural or remote areas, such as forests, mountains, or lakeshores. They can also be found in suburban or urban areas, but this is less common.

  4. Features: Wood plank cabin houses typically have a cozy and comfortable interior with wood paneling, exposed beams, and stone or brick accents.

  5. Sustainability: Wood plank cabin houses can be environmentally friendly if constructed from sustainably cement board and designed with energy-efficient features, such as solar panels or insulation.

    Overall, wood plank cabin houses offer a unique and charming living experience that is ideal for those who enjoy a simpler, more rustic way of life.